Novecal is a chemical company that offers innovative supported catalysts for fine chemicals, and services for the production of several kilograms of compounds requiring expertise in catalysis  or in the…


MyPL has developed a very innovative software solution that allow clinicians to assist & help make optimal decisions when adressing all cancer patients.


Kimialys leverages an innovative and patented coating of nanoparticles and chips, enhancing the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostics while paving the way for the development of new assays.


InSpek aims to lower the costs and delays of biological and chemical processes by improving chemical monitoring, which contributes to reducing failures during process development and production.


INNOVHEM develops a medical device for In Vitro Diagnostic which combines innovative biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence to tackle the most frequent genetic disease, Sickle Cell Disease.


Huxi Biosciences is developing a breakthrough innovation for the treatment of rare life-threatening diseases with unmet medical need, pulmonary arterial hypertension, including pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, for which there is no…


HOCOIA is creating the medical practice of the future: a health ecosystem combining humans with technology and digital with physical places in order to allow patients access to care anywhere…


Hajime AI Combines technology and social psychology to analyse patient's believes, perceptions dans behaviors. Our solution makes it possible to understand, predict and change health behaviors.


Innovative, patented air decontamination technology for closed up, lived in spaces


Floating Genes is developing in vitro diagnosis kits for early cancer diagnosis from liquid biopsies, based on its patented 'Enhance-seq' technology.

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