Spark develop CO2-neutral hydrogen production units that use 3 to 4x less electricity than electrolysers, and can produce up to 1000 kg H2/day, on-site, for industrial consumers or refueling stations.…


We are Soterias, a technology startup focused on improving water management through improved monitoring by harnessing the power of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to detect changes in water chemistry


Neoplants is an early stage biotech start-up using cutting-edge molecular and synthetic biology techniques to develop the first green plants that can effectively remediate indoor air pollution in people’s homes.


Néolithe turn waste into stones. We create mineral aggregates from non-recyclable waste, refused from sorting and destined to the landfills, such as plastics, fabrics, insulating, organic waste, all those waste…


HYMAGO ENERGIE develops the first floating river turbine that produces non-interrupted, safe and predictable renewable energy. An innovation patented by the INPI, it is a linearisation of paddle wheels to…


Greenly is developing a solution to quantify and monitor carbon footprint in real time, both at the individual and corporate level. Greenly's mission is to provide everyone with a simple…


Fairbrics develops circular manufacturing processes, which use renewable resources such as CO2 instead of petroleum products. Our first product, Airwear , is a new textile fiber, with the same properties…


We make a battery that can store from 10 hours to 2 years of electricity. Our battery will enable renewables to become the dominant, baseload source of energy in the…


AIRCAPTIF was built around European leadership in the skills of welding ultralight air structures under low pressure. These structures combining very thin polyurethane with synthetic polyester textile fabrics are 10…


Each year CNRS, a key player in innovation, both at Paris-Saclay, in France and worldwide, generates inventions, technologies, and start-ups.

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